The  Wife

Ekaterina Yurievna Guy was born on July 22 of 1958. Her parents: Her father , Guy Yury Nikolaevich graduated from the Saratov Pedagogical Institute was a skiing coach. He died in 1995. He mother, Leukhina Nina Vasilievna graduated from the same institute was an engineer. She died in 1968.

Ekatarina Guy entered an elementary school in 1965. She finished it four year later with the school testimonial of a good labor, conduct and progress and a List of thanks for an active public life.

In 1969-1970 Ekatarina Guy spent summer holidays in the pioneer camps where she was rewarded with Honor Certificates for excellent behavior and an active public life.

In 1971 the All-Russian Society of Nature Protection rewarded E. Guy with the Certificate for a nature protection activity

The district department of people’s education rewarded E. Guy with Honor Certificate the excellent results reached at the district physical Olympiad of 1974-1975.

The Society, “Red cross” gave E. Guy the certificate for a good theoretical knowledge of initial medical help.

Ekatarina Guy finished the secondary school ¹ 93 (Saratov, Russia) in 1975. Her graduation certificate had excellent marks with the exception of one subject “the russian language “- a good mark. She also made a careful study of such optional subjects as mathematics, literature, physics.

Ekatarina Guy was rewarded with the Honor Certificate for progress in study of literature, mathematics, chemistry, and exemplary behavior.

In 1975 Ekatarina Guy entered the Saratov Polytechnical  Institute with the speciality “semi-conductor abnd electrovacuum mechanical engineering.”.

In 1976 Ekatarina Guy got a Certificate for a good study and an active participation in a public life of the faculty.

The Ministry of Higher and Special Education of the USSR and Central Young Committee rewarded Ekatarina Guy with a badge “ For an excellent study” in 1976.

In 1977 E. Guy received the Honor Certificate as a prizewinner in the institute’s round of the 7 th  All-Union competition of students’ works devoted to the social sciences and the history of international youth movement.

In 1978 E. Guy was rewarded with the Honor Certificate for excellent studies, great successes in student’ scientific work and an active public life.

In 1980 Ekatarina Guy graduated from the Saratov Polytechnical Institute as a mechanical engineer of electronic technique. She got the so-called “Red Diploma” which is given for excellent results only. After graduation of the institute she was given employment to the state scientific – industrial enterprise “Almaz”.

In 1982 E. Guy took all the necessary rates and she was rewarded with a badge “A tourist of the USSR”/Piatigorsk, Russia/: in the same year she got the Certificate for high industrial showing.

In 1983 E. Guy was transferred to a post of an engineer-technologist of the second category in the scientific-research institute. 

In 1986 she was transferred to a post of a senior engineer.

In 1987 E. Guy married Boris Kortchaguine, in the same year she gave birth to her daughter Alexandra Borisovna Kortchaguine .


In 1991 Kortchaguine (born Guy) was dismissed on grounds of redundancy.

In 1993 E. Kortchaguine finished the Povolzhsky Regional Education-Industrial Center with the specialty” a manager-organizer of a small business (accountancy, computer operations and clerical work).

Ekatarina Kotrchaguine works as an accountant in the children summer camp since 1994 year up to nowadays.